Trinity Community Church
“A Non-Denominational, Spirit filled church in the Reformed tradition” 2285 Bannerman Road Tallahassee, FL • Office: 850.893.5303 •

Who Is Trinity Community Church?

Trinity Community Church is a church where people learn to impact their world with a passion for God, an enthusiasm for life, and a desire to live and serve others with a genuine hunger for God.

Our church members are taught to appreciate the truths of God's Word that have been defined historically by great heroes of the faith and in the terms of the doctrines of grace. Our membership is continually challenged from the pulpit with truths that stand the test of time and not just passing fads. Obedience to these Bible truths causes a deeper relationship to Christ, and as a result, a more meaningful and deeper relationship in the marriage, family, and our culture.

We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit that testifies to Christ and equips every member to a particular task. This, we believe, is referred to as the baptism in the Holy Spirit. We are sealed by the Spirit and we are empowered by the same Spirit. The scriptural concept of the Kingdom of God filling the whole earth is accomplished by the presence of the Holy Spirit in power. We need both the solid foundational teaching of the Word characterized by historical Christianity and the presence of the Spirit to accomplish our mission:

Our mission is proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ for the edification of God's people and the advancement of His kingdom to the praise of His glory.

The "power" of the Holy Spirit working in our lives is to demonstrate to the world the presence of the only awesome God. While we do not subscribe to some of the "wild" things that go on in some churches today, neither do we believe that God has stopped working miracles either. We should strive for a balance in our understanding and out-working of what the Bible teaches pertaining to these things.

We believe the combination of a sound biblical approach to Scripture and power of the Holy Spirit is very important. In the Christian life, emotions are acute and thinking is crucial. God is not honored by an unfeeling, joyless, loveless intellectualism or by an unthinking emotionalism. The mind and emotions are needed as they are gripped by the truth of God acquired through the serious study of scripture. Our hearts should be on fire with intense emotion. We do not believe that a Christian should "check" his brains at the door.

Trinity Community Church sees worship as a priority. Although we see outreach, nurturing and worship as significant elements of our church life, nevertheless, worship stands at the top. The ultimate end for which God created man is to see God's glory and worship Him fully. Worship is the motivation and the goal of all our deeds. Seeing and being captivated by the glory of God makes us long to find God's purposes. The goal of our worship is to build believers into people with greater and greater capacities and desires to praise God.

History of Trinity Community Church

Trinity Community Church has gone through a series of changes over the years. One of those is in its name. Formerly known as Christian Covenant Community Church, it began as a Wednesday night prayer meeting on the campus of Florida State University. It was incorporated in 1974 as Church of the Living Water, an independent non-denominational fellowship. The first pastor was Harold E Schendel, a retired Methodist missionary and college professor. The following year the church changed its name to Christian Covenant Community Church. From 1979 to 1995, there have been three pastors at C.C.C.C. Each one made a contribution to the growth of the church here in Tallahassee.

Dr. W.A. Young, Jr. became the church pastor in 1995. A scholar of Church History, Dr. Young received a Master's in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate in Theology from Luther Rice Seminary. plus a Ph.D. in History from Trinity Seminary. Dr. Young played a key role in the planning and construction of TCC's present location on Bannerman Road, which opened in January of 2004. Dr. Young continued his able leadership of the congregation until retiring in mid-2013.

Jim Lehman became our Pastor in June 2014. Pastor Jim, originally from Kissimmee, Florida, graduated with a degree in biology from Florida State University in 1995. During his collegiate years, he met his future wife, Crissa, while also actively serving in leadership at the Baptist Student Union and working as a youth minister in a small, rural church. The Lord used this time of ministry to call him and Crissa to full-time vocational ministry. Jim graduated with a Master of Divinity with emphasis on Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Florida State University, as well as completing work toward a doctoral degree. The Lehmans have made Tallahassee their home since 2001 where Jim has served as pastor in several local churches. Pastor Jim and Crissa have five children: Emma, Lindsey, Elijah, Luke, and Evie Rose. We look forward to what God has in store for us in this new season of ministry.